Real Afritainment Services is an entertainment company formed and owned by young vivacious black South Africans. It is focused on organising events, tours, memorable functions, photo and videography, branding and catering. Above all we make and produce music through discovering and nurturing raw talent.

We rent out the following at reasonable and negotiable price:

Real Afritainment Event


Our mission is to provide an attractive range of individuals, companies and institutions with joyous opportunities designed to encourage and establish a strong relationship with us. These will all be driven by our passion, enthusiasm, creativity and personalized service.



  • To promote undiscovered talent and to nurture the already discovered talent.
  • To provide our clients with not only unique and innovative entertainment concepts, but also ensure that whatever we implement is measurable and offers the client and their respective brands great value


We pledge to help (where necessary) the communities we operate from because we believe the say “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME”.